Consumer Units


Still have old style re-wireable or cartridge fuse boards ?

The latest generation consumer unit replacements provide not only protection against short circuit and overload, but also additional protection against electric shock. This is achieved by having built in components called RCDs and RCBOs that detect any fault to earth, such as nailing or drilling into cables buried within the walls, or using equipment outside, for example cutting through the cable of a lawnmower or hedge trimmer.

After any such fault is addressed the trip switch is easily reset by turning back on, therefore No Rewiring of fuses.


New style consumer units react many times quicker than the old style re-wireable fuse units, thus reducing the risk of fire or shock in the event of a fault from either accidently damaging a cable or rodent damage or indeed faulty appliances.


Consumer unit replacements include testing and certification of all existing circuits, and notified to your local building control under Part P of the building regulations.